Things you should know for starting your career in UNIX(for beginners in Unix)

We know that an operating system is an interface between User and Hardware. Unix operating system was introduced to this world by Ken Thomson & Dennis Ritchie. Unix is a general-purpose operating system that offers a High degree of Portability.

nowadays, Unix has been the platform from Enterprise-scale database applications to Simulation in the laboratories.

Beginners feel overwhelmed by its user interface and its structure, even computer science professionals feel lost. the reason is, Unix was not actually designed for the outer world. A group of programmers created it to run their own programs, programs that are not required for the outer world.

UNIX features and the capability of its command-line commands to act in combination made UNIX irreplaceable.

UNIX Versions:-

UNIX Versions are of 2 types:-

  1. the System V school from AT & T laboratories.
  2. the Berkeley school from the school of California, Berkeley.

note:- SVF4(System V Release 4) is the last release from AT& T’s laboratories

we’ll classify versions based on these 2 things only ie., SVF4 & BSD UNIX(UNIX created by Berkeley).

now let’s discuss the functionality of keys in a keyboard in UNIX, other than alphabet:

  1. Every key on your keyboard has a function in UNIX.
  2. many of these keys have multiple functions depending on the programs that are using them(you’ll understand while using UNIX)
  3. [Enter] key is used to terminate a line.
  4. [Backspace] key is used for correcting mistakes while typing commands or any text
  5. [Ctrl] key is used to produce control characters. control characters are the combinations of the alphabet and Ctrl key. these are used to do some functions like copy, paste, stop scrolling display and many others.
  6. [Alt] key is used for closing files, closing windows, shut down our PC and many others.this key is also used in combination with other keys.
  7. [Esc] key is used while editing the file in editors like vi, emacs and others.
  8. there are some functional keys like [F1],[F2],….,[F12], used for invoking virtual terminal sessions(multiple sessions)

I wrote this article because by knowing some little things about history and invention purposes only, new inventions and discoveries will take place by committed Unix learners(or)beginners.

Happy Reading✌✌



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